Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wedding Update: The Dress

I found my wedding dress this weekend.

I still can't believe it.  After only two weekends of shopping I found THE dress.  Walking into the store I had no idea that I'd find my dress, but God had something else in mind.  Mom and I went to go look at reception venues that morning and after we finished we went to a local dress shop near by called Terry Costa.

When we walked in we found that they were having a trunk show that weekend.  So I picked out about five dresses and Leticia, the saleswoman, helped me suit up.  She was so awesome, I felt like I was on Say Yes to the Dress.  Anyways, the first one I tried on took my breath away.  I came out and didn't want to take it off.  I probably stood infront of the mirror for like 30 minutes. While I was admiring the dress I got to meet the designer!  His name was Arthur and he was amazing, such a nice guy.  After awhile I realized I needed to give up the mirror for the other girls that were shopping there too and tried on some other dresses.

All in all it came down to two dresses.  I left the store that morning and came back that night with an entourage (Mom, Dad, Tyler's Mom, Whitney and Candice)  to help me decide.  When it came down to it I picked the first dress that I tried on, in that store.  I'd go into detail, but Tyler and I still have nine months until our wedding so I need to keep it hush hush until then.

Now I just have to wait four months for it to come in.  I'm counting down the days....

- Meghan


  1. Aww, Meghan, it was so much fun being there! I am still laughing at your mother telling the designer that when he is a big deal you are going to tell everyone you have a dress of his!!!

  2. For a second I was still in facebook mode and went to 'like' this post... =) Cant wait to meet you!