Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello World

Hello world, this is Tyler, the fiance. I was told that I'm suppose to blog on this, so I decided to write a short little note to all of our readers out there. So this is me saying hello to all of you, "HELLO READERS!"

This whole wedding planning thing is fun. Meghan has done a great job of including me in this whole process. I cannot wait for when we get to register because we get to use that gun thing. And since I'm not much of a hunter, a registry gun is about as close as I will be getting to a "gun". I really want to register at Best Buy for a TV but Meghan does not, let us know what you think from our poll over there ------>

I look forward to speaking with everyone again as we continue to plan this wedding and "do life" together.



  1. Hi Tyler and Meghan!

    I think the most important thing about the registry is to remember to make a good variety of cheap, mid-priced, and expensive things, that way, everyone who buys a gift can buy something they feel comfortable with. I let Corby put an X-Box 360 on our registry (Even though I didn't really want him to!) and we ended up getting it! I think registering for a TV is fine, though you might want to register for one at Target (or whatever store you're registering at) instead of setting up a separate registry for it at Best Buy.

    Don't forget, you'll also get a lot of gift cards that can add up to a lot of money! You might get enough to get a TV just in gift cards!

    Congrats on the engagement!

    Natalie Bryan

  2. Tyler, I love the idea of registering for a TV, but I feel like people will think it is tacky. If you do register for a tv there, do not list it when you send out invitations to showers, just tell the besties and the family that is what yall want and then we can get you all gift cards there and hopefully the cards will add up to something.

    Oh and props to you for updating, Kody would laugh in my face and tell me he was not oging to write on a stinking blog. Go TYLER!!!
    I think Home Depot is a better place ot register, we bought our washer and dryer with those gift cards we got and some tools as well as the lawn mower! You can get stuff you would never think to buy for yourself but always need!

  3. Ok so not sure what happened there on that little post, things are a bit out of order!