Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ingram James Gatewood

Well, most of you know by now that we are expecting a little boy in the fall! So, bring on the blue :).  We are super excited because we've had a boy name picked out for awhile but no girl name.

So what's his name you ask? Our son's full name will be Ingram James Gatewood, but we will call him "Gram" for short.  Ingram comes from my amazing Uncle and James is Tyler's middle name, as well as his dad's name.  So, he is named after men that have made an impact in both of our lives.

My Uncle Ingram, who unfortunately passed away last year, was one of the

most amazing men I've ever known.  He taught me so much about life, marriage and how to love people.  My Aunt Pat and him were such a great example for Tyler and I when we first got married.  Even after being married for over 20 years they still adored each other.  They were best friends.  We hope we can be that way after being married that long too. They also treated everyone they knew like family.  When Tyler and I were dating he loved how they welcomed him in.  I hope my son will embrace life and love people the way my Uncle Ingram did.

We are now 23 weeks in, over half way there!  And Gram has started kicking more and more, I love it.  Yesterday morning Tyler actually got to feel him kick for the first time, which was awesome and special because it was my Uncle's birthday yesterday too.  Gram gave him some big kicks with those future soccer player legs of his :).

My second trimester has been leaps and bounds better than my first.  The nausea has gone away (thank you Jesus) and I am no longer exhausted.  My baby bump is also growing, especially compared to the last photo I post.  There's really no way of hiding our little guy anymore.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boy or Girl?

So the date is set.  This Wednesday we get to find out if we are having a boy or girl.  Wahoo!  Just for fun we did some old wives tales to see what the verdict was.

Chinese Gender Calendar
Factoring the day the baby was conceived and my age, verdict is - BOY!

Chain over the hand
Hang a chain over your hand, if it swings back and forth its a boy and if it swings in circles its a boy, verdict is - BOY!

Heart Rate
Suposively if the heart rate is high you are having a girl.  Baby G last tracked in at the 150's so verdict is - GIRL!

Sleeping Position
I prefer sleeping on my right side which means - GIRL!

Food Cravings
I crave more salty then sweet, but I still want sweets so I'm not sure on this one - ???

What do you think we're having?? We added a pole to the left toolbar to see what you think :)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We're Preggers!

So on top of everything else going on we are also pregnant!  Wahoo!  I'm due on November 29, the day after Thanksgiving.  I am hoping the baby comes the week before so we can enjoy Thanksgiving at home, Tyler is hoping it comes late so it can be a December baby just like him.  We'll see who wins.

I'm soo glad the first trimester is over.  I was nauseous and exhausted pretty much the entire time.  I've noticed that I have a stomach for a little bit more now but am still battling a cough from allergies, so once that's done we'll see for sure.

We have no idea what Baby G (that's what we're calling it) will be.  I think it's a boy and Tyler hopes it's a boy, although everyone else seems to think it's a girl (or really wishing that upon us because Tyler is terrified of having a girl).  I will be happy no matter what - if it's a boy my nephew Kade will finally have a boy cousin, if it's a girl then they have waaaay cuter clothes.  Our Doctor will not check until I am 19 or 20 weeks so we have to wait until July to find out if we are having a Phoebe or  Phoebo.

This week I am 15 weeks and Baby G has begun to make its appearance.  I have quite the little bump now.  I officially bought a few pieces of maternity clothes because my current clothes are getting a bit snug.  Anyways, here's a photo so you can see...

15 week bump:


Sunday, June 9, 2013

You're Doing What?

A week ago Tyler and I moved to Round Rock to be a part of a Church Planting Residency at Redeemer Round Rock.

Over the last few months I've gotten several questions about - what is church planting? Or what will y'all be doing?  Well, the best way for me to describe it is through the video I pasted below.

About six months ago Tyler showed me this video.  At first I was like, you want me to watch a 15 minute video?? What?  I'm tired.  Anyways, I watched it and was completely inspired by what Soma does.  They are truly living the gospel.  What they are doing in Washington is what we will be doing in Central Texas.  I am excited and scared for the next chapter of our life. Doing this.  Living as a community on mission.  But I believe in it.  I feel that as Jesus called Peter out of the boat and to trust him in Matthew 14:29, that is what he's calling Tyler and I to do.  Get out of the boat and trust.  And that's exciting.


Monday, May 13, 2013


It's been awhile...not like that Staid song from 2001, but that is officially stuck in my head now.  Ha.

As I write this I am playing the music video on You Tube and Tyler is officially making fun of me for being a nerd.  Oh well, he has me till death :) 

Anyways, been thinking about blogging for awhile but lets just say I've had a bit of writers block.  

Will post updates soon :)


P.S. A little treat for the rest of your're welcome.