Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reception, Rehearsal and Registering

Ok, ok..so we have not posted in awhile. Yes, I'm sure you're thinking we are lazy, but nope this is not the case. We have been all kinds of busy. Apparently planning a wedding is a big task. 

We finally decided on a reception venue. I am a small town country boy (yet I do not own boots, cannot 2-step and own only 1 pearl snap shirt, which I think is some sort of crime being from Texas) so I typically like simple places, but this place is beautiful. Meghan and her family did a awesome job of picking it out. Plus, I get a free round of golf, which is AWESOME! 

As for the rehearsal venue, we are still looking for places. So if you know of any places to have a sweet rehearsal dinner in the Plano/Frisco/Carrolton area, let us know. We could have a bbq and countryfi it. Interesting....

Ok, so this registering thing is crazy. By crazy I mean it makes you want to pull your hair out. Well, not for Meghan, but for me. I will let you in on some things I've noticed during these registering adventures. First, did you know that there's like 6 billion types of flatware, aka silverware, aka those things you eat with. Now 6 billion may be a bit of a exaggeration but there are tons. Plus none of these options come with sporks, I mean really, no sporks, geez. I was really bummed to learn that, almost as bummed as I was when I learned that one-z's do not come with butt-flaps. Trust me, I've asked around. Apparently people laugh at you when you ask these questions. Next, there are tons of shades of towels. I want a towel to do 2 things; 1) dry me off...2) not leave little towel fragments all over me, well apparently towels are much more evolved than that now. Like I said, I'm a simple guy.

Now, the one thing I'm learning about marriage is dying to myself and sacrificing for my future wife. I have heard from several men and through pre-marital counseling on how this is vital for men to do, and I completely agree. Although Meghan loves to register, it is not my idea of a party, I'd rather be at a football game or something like it. But, part of dying to myself is doing things like this. I want put Christ first, her second, myself third. I encourage all men to begin to die to themselves daily, put their agenda aside and sacrifice. 

Ok, that's all I got for now...
Give Grace, Live Truth, Reflect Jesus

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