Thursday, August 19, 2010

149 Days...

Hey look at that, I have not updated my portion of our wedding blog in a long time. Silly me for nothing keeping my end of the bargain.

It's amazing for me to see how close the wedding is, only 149 days away. You may say that the wedding is still a long ways off, but in all reality it is not at all. When I first purposed in March and we decided the wedding would be in January, it seemed like that was forever away. I wanted to marry Meghan right then and there (note: I still do), and since I am ordained I began to wonder if I could officiate my own ceremony, Yeah, just think about how crazy that would be.

Minister (Me): "Tyler do you take Meghan..."
Me: Walking to hold Meghan's hand..."I do..."
Then back and forth several times....

Ok I know that kind of sounds weird and dumb and whatnot, but hey it would be exciting. I may become winded though. Yeah, Meghan make me delete this section. Anyways back to what I was saying...

It has been amazing so far through our engagement to see God bring us closer together through joys and difficulties. It is so great to see where God has brought us in over 2 1/2 years. We are beginning an amazing journey together and I look forward to 80 more years together. It amazing to see God love us so much individually and as a couple. He has blessed us immensely and one thing I am reminded of is that God's love does not change, His love remains. He has been there for us in the past, in the present, and will be in the future. He will never leave us and that is so comforting to know. He really does love us like He says He does in the Bible.

My prayer is that I continue to love my God first but secondly love Meghan as He has called me to do so. To daily sacrifice and give myself up. I need to always work on that. I pray that husbands love their wives, the same way Christ loves the church. I challenge you men to do this and work at it, be a student of her.

I know I need to always work on it, especially because like I said earlier, 149 days is closer than you think.

Give Grace, Live Truth, Reflect Jesus

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