Sunday, May 15, 2011

Austin Bound

So it's officially public.  We are moving to Austin in June.  Some of you have known for awhile and some of you are just finding out.  We hate to leave our family and friends, but we really feel like this is where God is leading us.

This move is bitter-sweet for us.  We are excited to move to a new place, but we're sad to leave everything we know and love in Dallas. We have been so blessed to have such a great community of friends around us and you have each impacted us greatly.   

As two Red Raiders it won't be easy moving to Longhorn country. Although we are certain that we will receive grief, we will wear our red and black with pride.  And will just say no to burnt orange.  Plus it doesn't hurt that Tech plays Texas in Austin this fall. 

A few weeks ago we went down to Austin and put a deposit down on an apartment.  After looking at more apartments than we care to remember, we finally found one that worked for us.  I am so excited to decorate, especially since I wasn't able to do everything I wanted in the apartment we live in currently.  

Thanks to several Austin fans we are excited to try all the local food places like Salt Lick, Kerby's Lane, and many more!  Plus, with all of the live music that Austin has we look forward to exploring our new home.  And really, how can you not be excited about a place that has signs like this...


  1. Meghan, I didn't know you blogged. Excited to find it! Good luck in Austin - great city! I love Spider House, Trudy's and Foodhead's! :)

    Rachel Weaver

  2. woohoo congrats you two! moving away together is a huge opportunity to give your marriage strength it wouldnt have otherwise! ATX is full of great things to do, you'll have a blast... even surrounded by icky burnt orange!

  3. Glad to have your blog in my list now :) You guys seem to have warmed to the ATX way of life just fine!