Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweet Home Austin

We've officially been Austinites for two weeks now.  Hard to believe.  Almost every box has been unpacked...Wahoo! Our apartment is starting to look like people actually live here, instead of a land of cardboard.  Everyone has been super nice in our complex.  We're really interested to meet our neighbors above us and their small children or large dogs.  We're pretty sure they have racing contests from one side of the apartment to the other.  Tyler thinks their herding buffalo...who knows.

Since we got here things have been anything but dull.  For the past two weeks, while Tyler goes to work I have stayed home, unpacked and decorated.  And maybe I've occasionally made my way to the pool and the mall :).  We also floated the river with some people for our first time last weekend.  Loved it!! We made the short 20 minute drive to San Marcos to float the river by Texas State.  I have to say it was a great way to spend the afternoon in 100+ degree heat.

I also noticed that the landscape is quite different down here.  When they say the hill country, they mean it.  To give you some background, I've only lived in Dallas and Lubbock.  Two amazingly flat places. You can see downtown Dallas from like 10 miles away...not so much here.  While driving to the Barton Creek Mall this week I had a momentary freak out moment where all I could see were hills and no mall.  Come to find out, the mall is on a hill. Problem solved, although frightening at the moment when you have no idea where you are.

We've also done our best to try good local food down here.  Dan's Hamburger's = delicious. Kirby's Lane queso = delicious.  Amy's Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream = mmm, delicious.  More to come in my next update!

- Meghan

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  1. I love this update! Please update often!!! I wanna keep up to date!!! Love you mucho!!!!