Monday, November 7, 2011

Hunting Season

This weekend was the opening weekend for deer hunting season.  I've always considered myself not much of a hunter, until this past week.  I was officially initiated to Central Texas...  

Wednesday night as Tyler finished up stuff at our church I decided to head home since we took different cars.  The road we take back to our apartment is a two lane road, until we hit the highway.  Well just before I hit the highway a full-grown doe, ran out in-front of my car.  Without anytime to react my car, which was going around 40 - 45 mph, hit the deer.  

I'm a Dallas girl.  I've lived there 23 of my 27 years of life.  Meaning - I had no idea what to do if I were to hit a deer.  We never had to worry about deer in suburbia.  So to spare you the details, I kept driving.  I know, I'm a terrible person.  In a state of shock and panic I had no idea what to I kept going.  I hit the deer, ran over the deer and didn't pull over until I came to a gas station where I could see what the 100-200 pound deer did to my car.  

I've include a picture of my poor Mazda.  Although it messed it up pretty good, I consider myself a very lucky girl.  It could have been much, much worse. The deer could have popped up on my hood and gone through my windshield, which could have seriously injured me.  

I'm thankful that my car was still drivable after the accident, that I walked away completely un-injured and that I have car insurance.  Right now I'm rockin' a rental while the Mazda is in the shop.  

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