Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We're Preggers!

So on top of everything else going on we are also pregnant!  Wahoo!  I'm due on November 29, the day after Thanksgiving.  I am hoping the baby comes the week before so we can enjoy Thanksgiving at home, Tyler is hoping it comes late so it can be a December baby just like him.  We'll see who wins.

I'm soo glad the first trimester is over.  I was nauseous and exhausted pretty much the entire time.  I've noticed that I have a stomach for a little bit more now but am still battling a cough from allergies, so once that's done we'll see for sure.

We have no idea what Baby G (that's what we're calling it) will be.  I think it's a boy and Tyler hopes it's a boy, although everyone else seems to think it's a girl (or really wishing that upon us because Tyler is terrified of having a girl).  I will be happy no matter what - if it's a boy my nephew Kade will finally have a boy cousin, if it's a girl then they have waaaay cuter clothes.  Our Doctor will not check until I am 19 or 20 weeks so we have to wait until July to find out if we are having a Phoebe or  Phoebo.

This week I am 15 weeks and Baby G has begun to make its appearance.  I have quite the little bump now.  I officially bought a few pieces of maternity clothes because my current clothes are getting a bit snug.  Anyways, here's a photo so you can see...

15 week bump:


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